'No Chance'
Elsa Kroese
'Landing Force'
Xavier Marquis
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Perhaps the only way to describe the art of Dawid Michalczyk is 'awe-inspiring'. This is a truly a new generation of digital art, and the attention to detail is only eclipsed by the magnificence of his pieces as a whole. Don't take our word for it - see for yourself.
Kazuhiko Nakamura's art is a surreal hybrid of man and machine, a hard marriage of metal and flesh. His darkly imaginative work deserves recognition as some of the finest examples of cyberpunk artwork. Nakamura's vision is truly a fascinating one.
Scott Ross' admirably capable Science Fiction work is evocative of the classics of the genre, brought to life with spectacular colours and talent. No SF gallery is truly complete without a giant robot, and we couldn't have done better than Mr. Ross' admirable specimen..
John Emanuel Shannon's enthralling artwork captures the essence of his mystical subjects beautifully. His vibrant works have a haunting allure that's sure to appeal to even the most jaded fans of fantasy art.
Steven Stahlberg's stunningly exquisite character renderings of the female form are virtually unmatched. The amount of detail and realism inherent in these images is truly staggering, and must be seen to be believed.
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