exhibition is run by invitation only - we're not open to all artists. We do however encourage prospective artists to bring their work to our attention. It's a big and scary internet out there, and we could spend lifetimes never seeing your work.

Our requirements are simple: Your work must be at least tangentially related to the Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Horror genres. You must have at least six completed images ready for display, of which half can be unrelated to sf/f/h. Please keep in mind that our available spots are limited - as a result we can't accept nearly as many artists as we'd like to. Once you're sure you've met our requirements, email us, and preferably include a link to your website, else attach a few images.

If you're not applyng for yourself, but would like to recommend someone to us, by all means - go ahead. Just keep in mind that we're looking for sf/f/h art of the highest calibre. We're always interested in new artists, and we'd appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you for your time and interest.

dragonsworn staff :: 05.21.04

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