'Silence in a Sandglass'
Kazuhiko Nakamura
'One Last Time '
Steven Stahlberg
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04.06.04   Kazuhiko Nakamura added
03.13.04   Elsa Kroese added
02.16.04   John Emanuel Shannon added
02.09.04   Renee Biertempfel added
Renee Biertempfel's beautiful and evocative artwork is undoutedly some of the finest in the Fantasy genre. Widely acclaimed, her work is distinguished by her unique vision and her fantastic use of colour. Together, they serve to create astonishingly vivid art.
Sarah Ellerton is an accomplished anime-style artist. If you're a Wheel of Time fan, you've probably already stumbled across her gorgeous character renditions. She boasts an impressive portfolio of work which also includes 'Final Fantasy' art.
Elsa Kroese boasts a smooth and graceful style of art which fashions compelling images and illustrations. Her resplendent character portrayals are especially unique and enjoyable, and often beautifully coloured.
Stephanie Pui-Mun Law's art is the perfect marriage between modern and traditional art forms. Her work is posessed of an almost ethereal beauty, which has earned her a dedicated following both among exhibition staff, and the internet at large.
Xavier Marquis is character designer of unparalelled skill, with his talent apparent in his gorgeous and vivid renderings His CG characters have a unique flair to them which seamlessly combines beauty and technology.


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Artists N-Z
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